How to Find the Perfect Investment Buy

Whilst we all love well made and beautifully fitting designer clothes, not everyone can afford the expensive price tag. Following in the celebrity footsteps, many choose to buy one or two key investment pieces that will look stylish year after year and can be mixed with the seasons latest fashions from the high street. Designer high street highlights how to find and choose which investment buy which will turn heads for many seasons to come.

Look for classic styles and neutral colors that will not go out of fashion and items by designers that are known for their classic pieces like Chanel and Yves St Laurent. Choose clothes that fit perfectly and really look good on you, if in doubt go for a size bigger to allow for alterations in the future. Opt for something individual that you really love rather than a key look for the season as these will date very quickly and ensure that your chosen piece compliments your current wardrobe.

Only invest in high quality clothes, look at labels to check what they are made of scrutinize the stitching and look for details like bound seams. Dry clean only items usually are made of purer material and items made in France or Italy tend to be high quality. Take a friend with you for a second opinion and if in doubt it is probably not the best buy for you so think about it for 24 hours before buying. Never buy anything that you cannot afford, nothing is worth going bankrupt for – check out outlets, designer sales and second hand clothes by your favourite designer on eBay for a cheaper option. Once you have find the perfect investment ensure that you look after it well by storing and cleaning it properly.

Remember though, what ever you choose, these are only guidelines and it really comes down to how you feel about the item and whether it is worth the price.

Some ideas for key investment buys- Chanel Handbag, Yves St Laurent trouser suit, cashmere jumper, wool coat, Christian Louboutin shoes, Valentino or Alberta Feretti evening dresses, Chanel suits or little black dress, Hermes, Ferragamo, Gucci or Versace silk scarves, Diana Von Furstenburg dresses.