What If My Computer Will Not Boot?

It is a very frustrating if your computer will not boot. If your computer suddenly gets a mind of its own what do you do?

Let’s look at some symptoms and solutions. Try some simple things first.

If your computer will not boot the first thing to do is check if your extension cord is securely plugged in and the switch for the power supply is in ‘on’ position. You can try a different extension cord just to be sure. Try a light or something else electrical to see if it works. If your computer is plugged into a power strip or surge protector, it could be that it isn’t turned on or something is wrong with it. ALWAYS try plugging the power plug directly into the wall outlet before you panic. This will tell you if the surge protector is bad. If that doesn’t work the problem could also be the power outlet on the wall. The fuse for your home supply could be blown. You may need to get a repairman if you still have no power.

If booting failed You may have a bad power supply (the hardware item were the extension cord plugs into). Either replace it yourself or take it to an authorized repair person. DO NOT try to repair a power supply. You could get electrocuted due to a capacitor that is inside the unit.

If your computer starts to boot but stops responding to the start up process then restart your computer again and keep pressing the F8 key until you get the Windows Advanced Options menu. Select “Last Known Good Configuration” and then press enter. Your operating system should restart. If you still have problems it could be possible that the registry is corrupt or the hard drive is bad. Take it to a technician if that is the case. Normally you will need to reload the operating system.

If your computer will not boot you may have left a floppy disk, CD or DVD in the computer. Remove these from your computer and try to restart the computer again.

If you recently added Hardware, remove it and restart the computer. Also, other hardware may be a problem. In this case you will need to remove all cards and external devices. One device may be defective or incompatible. Reboot the computer and try again.

If you seem to hear the computer start but the screen is black if may be the monitor. BE SURE your monitor cable is securely attached to the rear of your machine. If it is secure try a different monitor. If that still doesn’t work the graphics card or motherboard may be defective. Be sure that the keyboard and mouse are connected to the proper connectors also. It nay not boot if they are reversed or aren’t connected.

Always contact a professional if you don’t know what is wrong.